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Ideas for your school store!
Ideas for your school store!

Not sure what to stock your store with? Check out these FREE and low-cost store ideas from ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity) users!

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Free Store Ideas

  • Homework pass

  • 5 minutes extra recess time

  • Choose your seat in class

  • 1-week extension on assignment

  • 2-minute vacation in class

  • Free dress day

  • Wear your hood up in class

  • Choice of music during work time

  • Ticket to movie during lunch

  • Ticket to class dance

  • Extra computer time

  • Lunch with your favorite teacher

  • Redo pass for 1 assignment

  • Pass to the front of the lunch line

  • Extra credit points

  • Positive phone call home

  • Choose the class brain break

  • Class DJ for the day

  • Principal for the day

  • Read the morning announcements

  • Tell a (pre-approved) joke over the intercom

  • Pass to eat in class

  • Tug of war with the teachers

  • Pie teacher in the face

  • Special leadership role (door greeter, errand runner, cafeteria leader, etc.)

  • Pass to leave class two minutes early

  • Free pass to the school game

  • Use of teacher's lounge during lunch

  • Eat lunch outside

  • Use a comfy chair for a day

  • Be the teacher for the day

  • Wear Crocs to school

  • Private lunch table

Low Cost Store Ideas

  • School swag

  • Yearbook raffle

  • Raffle tickets for larger prizes (gift cards, etc.)

  • Stickers

  • Small snacks

  • Water bottle

  • Fidget spinners

  • Fancy pencil

  • Crock charms

Looking for more ideas? Ask your students! Leveraging student input not only helps you stock your store, but it increases student voice and engagement.

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